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Wherever You Go

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Sara Thomsen © 2010 Sara Thomsen
Words inspired from the Book of Ruth and it’s story of friendship. Dedicated to our dear friend, Amy Bernstein


Wherever you go, we will go
Whoever you know, we will know
The Holy Ground where we stand
Is a hand, to a hand, to a hand

Wherever we go, you will go
Whoever we know, you will know
We’ll laugh and we’ll cry, and rejoice
A voice and a voice and a voice

Lift you on wings of a song
Hold you and carry you along
Wherever you go, we will go

Wherever you go
Whoever you know
One Holy Breath we are breathing
In our arriving and leaving
One Voice that carries our song
On and on and on
Wherever you go…

© 2010 Sara Thomsen