1. Three Women

From the recording One Voice

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Three Women

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By Carrie Newcomer © 1994 Bug Music OBO Carrie Newcomer Music


There’s a light in the kitchen there’s a glass on the stand
Three women ‘round the table and they’re holding hands
They’re care taking the birthings; bringing food when they can
They’re easing the leaving and they’re holding hands

Oh, yes, life can get jumbled and tangled sometimes
You can lose your way in this world and home’s hard to find
But there’s something of love that I’ve come to depend
It’s the strength in women when they’re holding hands

Oh, the night can be long, so long, dark and wild
And life burns like a diamond, it’s unbearably hard
But it’s sweeter than honey right from the jar

Your eyes have the look of some distant place
It’s like one foot in heaven, though we don’t understand
We breathe it in deep and we let it out slow
Holding you up while you’re letting us go

There’s a free falling feeling, I’m lighter than air
And home burns like a beacon in your eyes
Yet somehow we get anchored, somehow we get by

Here’s to the women who bind the wounds tight
Here’s to the ones that sit talkin’ half of the night
Here’s to the love and the lives that they mend
Here’s to the strength in women holding hands

Carrie Newcomer
© 1994 Bug Music OBO Carrie Newcomer Music