From the recording Fertile Ground

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Knock On the Door

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© 1999 Sara Thomsen


Knock On the Door

Ask: and it shall be given
Seek: and you shall find it
Knock: and the door shall be opened
Ask, seek, knock on the door, knock on the door, now

Run: and you will not be weary
Walk: and you will not fall down
Rise: on your wings like an eagle
Run, keep on walkin’ and rise up together, rise up together, now

Listen: to the Voice that you hear callin’ you and
Live: your life right now, right this minute and
Sing: a song, sing it loud, sing it soft, sing it up, sing it down, oh
Listen, c’mon live it up a little, sing out together, sing out together, now

Sing out, sing out together now
Keep on walkin’ and rise up together now
Knock on the door now (2x)

© 1999 Sara Thomsen