1. Dry Weary Land

From the recording Fertile Ground

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Dry Weary Land

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© 1999 Sara Thomsen


Dry Weary Land

I’d been walking, though I couldn’t see clearly
I lost the map and the compass I held so dearly
I thought I knew how to call for you,
but I found I didn’t know your name
I didn’t know where I was going, and would I find you again?
I called out to you, “Are you there? Give me some reply!”
“Like an eagle flying down from the sky, and over this...”(refrain)

Dry, dry, dry weary land
so long, so long without water
My soul is longing for you
Like a dry, dry weary land

Sometimes softly is awful hard to hear
Sometimes deep inside is awful far from near
And you know when you’re whisperin’, sometimes I don’t hear a sound
Could you speak a little louder? Just so I know you’re around
If you called to me, would I hear you and would I see?
Holy River, Deep Water, wash over me, wash over this...(refrain)

Storm winds came blowin’, twistin’ and turnin’ me all around
My soul went flyin’, my feet left solid ground
Was I touching God? Was I crazy? Was I losing, oh, my mind?
If I came back down what would I find?
Oh, my friends, you held me, you gathered and circled round
Heard your voices through that storm, it was the sweetest sound
And the wind calmed down, and now we all keep travelin’ on
But I’ve been feelin’ like a...(refrain)

And I found you runnin’ under the ground of my skin
You were where I was goin’ and where I’ve been
As the desert greets the fallin’ rain, as the flow’rs touch the mornin’ dew
I was laughin’ I was cryin’, I was callin’ out to you!
And you hold me now, like a mother holds her long lost child
And somewhere a deep lock opens and the river runs wild,
and washes over this...(refrain)
© 1999 Sara Thomsen