1. Eli, Eli

From the recording Camaradas

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Eli, Eli

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Words © Hana Senesh Music © David Zehavi
Hana, a paratrooper who saved many Jews in Europe during WWII wrote these words:
“When I feel like my world is falling apart,
I look up at the sky and somehow feel
comforted in seeing that it is still there.”
Hana was killed by the Nazis. May her
prayer never end.


Eli, Eli, shelo yigamer l’olam
Hachol v’hayam,
rishrush shel hamayim
B’rak hashamayim,
t’fillat ha’adam

My God, My God, I pray that
these things never end
The sand and the sea,
the rush of the waters,
The crash of the heavens,
the prayer of the heart

Words © Hana Senesh
Music © David Zehavi