1. Awake

From the recording Camaradas

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Words and Music by Peter Mayer
© 2002 Peter Mayer


Clouds are swift,
rocks are ancient
Mountains are high,
oceans great
Winds are restless,
trees are patient
You, my child, are awake

Waves are crashing,
rivers churning
Planets twirling, stars ablaze
Storms are raging,
atoms whirling
You, my child, are awake

To perceive these wondrous
To count the beats of a
blackbird’s wings
To tell a story
and dance and sing

All the splendours of creation
Are very happy that you came
Because they needed
someone to see them
You, my child, are awake

Seeds are hopeful,
dewdrops fleeting
Oak trees crooked,
redwoods straight
They are not known
to the sleeping
You, my child, are awake

© 2002 Peter Mayer