1. Love Song

From the recording By Breath

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Love Song

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Love Song

Serious, sensitive, sinful, sensual, sincere
Beautiful big-boned black beret baby and Canadian beer
Poetic, diabetic, romantic, Catholic coffee connoisseur
Passionate, penetrating, sensible, stimulating, v-neck shirts

Extrovert, alert, overt,illogical, intense
Tangible, touchable, irritable, intimate, paper and pens
Curious, humorous, hunger lingering, lead-cook
Womanly wine sippin', women pickin' fine chicken, reading a book

Unannounced, unexpected, made manifest in my life
Familiar feminine, nearness natural, love alive

Outgoing, outraged, intentional, intelligent, out there
Sexual, spiritual, elegant, lyrical, dark brown hair
Fragile, responsible, somewhat paradoxical, highs and lows
Tenderly, timidly, fireweed fervently love grows

©1994 Sara Thomsen