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I Remember These

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In memory of my Grandma Hazel Jeanette, poet and lefse maker. Here’s to the book we talked about creating together.


I Remember These

Mulberry stains on my fingers, grass stains on my knees
Meadowlark sings and the melody lingers
Trees sway in the breeze, I remember these

I had a bow and I had an arrow
My best friend the little cowboy next door
I traveled on trails, winding and narrow
Riding with Grandpa in the old red Falcon Ford
Buyin’ candy at the store

You paint the pictures and I’ll write the rhymes
Together we’ll tell them a tale
How memories can hold us through hard and good times
‘Til one day we pass through the veil

Lutefisk, I’ll pass, but please pass the lefse
With butter, and sugar, and warm
Lefse with brown spots, just like on Grandma’s arms
I remember Grandma’s arms wrapped around me

When she went away I was sure it was off to Norway
She always dreamed of going there someday
Then when I learned she’d not be returning
We’d visit at night when I’d pray
I remember what she’d say… (Refrain)

I remember the day, when I was a little older
Dad took in the bird with the broken wing
He made a soft nest, he’d feed her and hold her
The prayer and devotion he’d bring
It’s in every song I sing, that little bird’s a-winging

Gold light of the sun just as it’s streaming
Through silver clouds right after the rain
Sweet song of a bird calling the stars to light our dreaming
Memories that sing a glad refrain are all along the lane (Refrain)

© 2007 Sara Thomsen