1. Precious Water

From the recording Somewhere to Begin

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Precious Water

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This song is about a proposed mine near the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Visit Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness for more background on the issue: https://www.friends-bwca.org/


Precious Water

We don’t want your sulfide mine
Twenty years here, then you leave it behind
We don’t want your acid brine
Seeping in the rivers, noxious wine
Short term job creation, long term devastation
Don’t want your pollution crime
We don’t want your mine

We don’t want your company wish
Pretty plan served on a copper dish
What do we have when you finish?
Messed up rice and poison fish
You pocket profit and you’re gone first class
We get a toxic drinking glass
Bottom line’s the dollar sign
We don’t want your mine

Rain falls on the ground
Ground water flowing down
Simple lesson, science fair
Water goes back in the air
Put in the water what you may
You breathe it in some other day
Drinking well, wish and dream
Precious water, precious water, living stream

We don’t want your careless plan
Creepin’ in this forest land
Clean water we demand
We don’t want your “helping hand”
Your economic contribution
Don’t want your noise pollution in our ancient pine
We don’t want your mine

© 2011 Sara Thomsen