Winter Wanderings: CD
  • Winter Wanderings: CD

Winter Wanderings: CD

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FREE SHIPPING in DECEMBER. This album is an introspective wandering through the season of winter. Standing outside on a cold, dark night, looking up at the glistening stars, staring down at the sparkling snow, heading inside in search of warmth and light, food and good cheer. Holidays sprinkle the path: Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas... Beyond the busy bustle and the wrapping hustle, we are left with a search for deeper meaning, a longing for home, for loved ones here, loved ones lost, for peace, for comfort, for wars to end, for hearts to mend. We light candles, sing songs, celebrate, mourn, dance, and somehow—deep in the dark and the cold—we wander inward, find a spark, kindle hope, and come home.

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