Everything Changes (2008)

Sara Thomsen Everything Changes
Metamorphosis lyrics  
Todo Cambia lyrics  
I Remember These lyrics  
Forbidden Love lyrics  
All Across the Land lyrics  
A Woman’s Place lyrics video
I May Never Understand lyrics  
The Morning After Your Heart Breaks lyrics  
Everything and More lyrics  
I Let You Go lyrics  
Where Is My Heart? lyrics  
Don’t Ask Me lyrics  
Can't Tell You The Reason Why lyrics  
The Beauty of the Dancer lyrics  
Holy Angels lyrics  
Everything and More (reprise)    

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Praise and Recognition

"...Radiant with elegance, grace and honesty. It weaves its way into your soul." -Duluth News Tribune

"...A patch-quilt of musical styles stitched together by Thomsen's lonely alto voice and evocative writingstyle." —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Thomsen’s soulful voice, poetic lyrics and unforgettable melodies cut through to the heart and the soul of human experience.” —Minnesota Women’s Press

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